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www.wcmh.co.uk 3 Welcome to our 40th anniversary T hank you for joining us in our 40th Anniversary celebration and a special thank you if you are one of our thousands of customers who have made it all possible. It’s been quite a journey over the last four decades since West Country Motorhomes was founded as a specialist motorhome dealer. What makes us dierent? Well we are still a family owned company (now in our third generation) which means we reflect true family values in how we conduct the business, how we look after our sta and how we deal with you, our customers. We are proud to be agents only for the main UK manufacturers – we feel that the requirements of British motorhome owners are best catered for by the home brands. They cover a huge range of size, style and cost options and the relationships we have built with them makes general communications and problem resolution much easier. Since we founded the company we have always concentrated on motorhomes, nothing else. We have stuck to what we know and that has helped us to become the respected specialists we are today. But the world is constantly changing and the way motorhomes are sold is evolving, with the introduction of so much more technology in our everyday lives. We still enjoy the face-to-face interaction with our customers and don’t think this can ever be fully replaced. But, we are also keeping pace with the digital world and embracing all it has to oer. For any company to remain in business for 40 years is a major accomplishment, especially if it’s the same type of business as when it started out. There have been a lot of changes and a lot of challenges, but also a lot of opportunities and – thanks to our customers and loyal sta – we’ve risen to meet them. We’re sure it will be just as challenging, and hopefully just as rewarding, but who knows what the next 40 years may bring? Steve Pike Managing Director West Country Motorhomes Our state-of-the- art showroom at Brent Knoll Who would have believed it? 40 years ago a small family unit – the Pikes – decided to sell motorhomes in a market they knew nothing about. And now the business we started we proudly claim to be the UK’s Premier Dealer! The UK’s Premier Dealer www.wcmh.co.uk

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