ACR Journal

ACC U RAT E T EMP E RAT U R E CON T R O L ULTIMATE COMFORT | ULTIMATE ACCURACY Energy saving functions of a controller canmake a significant difference to the overall running costs of a HVAC system. The energy navigation function on the LG AC Smart 5 central control with built in BACnet gateway enables the user to set target values for energy consumption over a certain period of time.To achieve that value, the administrator can set the energy saving logic in 7 steps and predict the expected usage relative to the target value. Active self-management enables energy savings throughout the building. OUR AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTORS AND SUPPLIERS IN THE UK LG Electronics are experts in HVAC control systems, for hotel, retail, medical, education,officesandresidentialapplications. Control from anywhere CentralControllers ACSIOModule PowerDistributionIndicator RemoteControllers

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